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Mayan Summer Foods is committed to creating an unforgettable celebration of food and reflections you will cherish forever.


Whether you prefer your guests to graze on custom made fiesta trays or you are planning a full service intimate gathering, we aim to tantalize

your taste buds with Traditional Mexican food primarily from the

Yucatan region.


Vibrant flavors and colors together with striking food design will impress your guests and bring a smile to your face impossible to erase.


Let's put our heads together and get this party on the road!

Call or text 904-466-4861 to schedule a time to meet.

Whether the occasion is a small, intimate gathering with a few friends or a grand celebration with family flying in from all corners, we can chit chat with you over a cup of coffee, then step by step, create a plan for your vision.


Events come in all shapes and sizes. Soup to nuts, sit down, full service meal for hundreds of people however, are not within our scope of service. Yet.

These are our sweet spots:


~Intimate gourmet dinners with multiple courses for smaller groups often lend themselves to major“wow”factors both in complexity of each course and eye appeal.


~Casual backyard events for up to 160 people. One time we brought our chile roaster and made a shishito chile bar to serve as appetizers! Followed by a taco bar with carnitas. Very fun. There are many ideas we can come up with together to make for an unforgettable  fun time.


~You take the credit! Perhaps all you need are party trays. Or, how we like to say, fiesta trays. Choose from a huge selection of Mexican finger foods for your guests to graze on. Top it off with our outrageous Mayan Summer Margarita Mix, voted one of the top ten margaritas in the Upstate New York. Rochester Magazine, July  2014


~Let us make dinner for the fam. For those days when you know you are

going to be too busy to make a healthy meal for your family, we can help. Delivery is always available

Often people ask us if we have a favorite Mexican restaurant in town. Much to our dismay, the answer is no. Mainly because, true flavors of Mexican food often requires labor intensive preparation and unusual, difficult to source ingredients which does not lend itself to a restaurant setting unless the prices are through the roof. The herbs we grow ourselves because they are nowhere to be found here. As catering involves relatively little waste,

it is a more viable way to be able to create the true dining experience of a typical Mexican family meal.


Most of our offerings hail from the Yucatan Peninsular and Chiapas regions of Mexico. Given the tropical rain forests, banana leaves and abundant herbs and spices, chiles and their heat take a less predominant place in the flavor profiles.


The number two most important ingredient is fresh, not canned; fresh, not frozen produce. That goes for corn too. Fresh not frozen seafood; fresh, not frozen anything. Of course the number one most important ingredient is a huge dollop of love. We never cook in a bad mood. People can taste it when you do. (Try cooking a meal in a bad mood and you will see what we mean.)


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Some of our favorites:

· Empanadas

· Esquites

· Sopes

· Tamales

· Gorditas

· Elote

· Taquitos

· Flan

· Churros

· Mexican Lime Pie  (no, it is not spicy)

· Guacamole

· Fresh salsas

· Nopalitos

· Ceviche

· Enchiladas

· Pescado a la Veracruzana

· Tostones

· Carnitas

· Guacamole

· Tampiquena

· Tiken Chic

· Tres Leche

· Sopapillas

· Chicken in achiote

· And so much more…


Some of our gear:


China box for lechon

Chile Roaster



10’square lighted canopy

Authentic Mexican folk art



*Most Mexican food is naturally gluten free, so it is very easy to make an entirely gluten free spread for those with food challenges.



Photography by Treena Moreno